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    Bogdan’s US-spec bagged Passat

    When I met Bogdan 3 years ago, we were at a local tuning show (that’s what they called it back in the day), he was playing with his freshly installed air ride system from Germany in the middle of a crowd that weren’t too familiar with clean rides and bags at the time. His Volkswagen Passat was sitting on 18” wheels and with a lot of mods and shaved parts. The car was ready for every anual trip to Worthersee that he attended years in a row.

    But he didn’t stop here, as time passes and new trends constantly appear you’ve got to step your game up ; so that being said Bogdan managed to get his dream wheels , a set of 19” Bentleys. With a fresh wheel paint job and new tires he got a nice fitment with a little bit of poke but it wasn’t enough … a proper tuck was needed and installing a camber kit fixed that problem . 

    Being a real VAG enthusiast, Bogdan wanted his Passat to be slightly different from most cars, so he decided to do an US-spec ride and got his hands on a US trunk and US bumper inserts with side marker lights, also all the shaved and aftermarket parts were replaced with new OEM ones.
    With the need of a new interior, the Golf mark 1 GTI fabric was ordered from Poland and in a couple of days was finished by him including the trunk setup.
    Many other mods were made including the Thule roof rack and the Thule fairing imported from the States.
    Currently the Passat is prepared for winter and another set of Bentley wheels, this time 20” Mulliners, are eagerly waiting in his garage to be fitted next year.

    We invite you to take a peek at Bogdan’s ride and watch a video made on a hot summer’s day in our hometown. 
    Click here to watch it !
    Cheers from Romania !

    Wheels and suspension :

    • 19” Bentley Continental GT wheels, 9J and ET41 front/back
    • 225.35.19 Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta 
    • G.A.S. Airride V2


    • US-spec trunk and US-spec bumper inserts with amber side marker lights
    • Replaced shaved parts and aftermarket headlights/tailights with new OEM ones
    • Thule roof rack and Thule fairing
    • Other mods include : colour match side skirts and valances,painted black roof, UK side view mirror


    • Golf mark I GTI fabric
    • OEM 2DIN Multimedia Systems with Navi
    • Golf V GTI steering wheel
    • W8 dome lights 

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